Only bâtarde is real

And I don’t mean that naughty dog.


Les cahiers du petit Matthieu

Le petit Matthieu is drawing outside the line on purpose. Le petit Matthieu doesn’t care about Art. Le petit Matthieu doesn't give a fuck about your opinion. He just draws because he wants to. Who wouldn't want to be like him?



I am getting some stuff done this week. And Wordpress is getting me down.


The bygone man

The Bygone Man has always the right word, because he is older and wiser than you. The Bygone Man has the last one as well, because you don’t dare to contradict a ghost… even though he be an irksome caitiff.


End of the story

…however, I will publish here any news about The Dudeltopf Diaries. If you wish to drop me a line you still can reach me by email, of course. Servus!


What can you do when you can’t do anything?


A day full of possibilities

“Post something new every month.” That’s something I’ve managed to deal with. But now it has become a boring routine. No zest. No excitement anymore. Without goals and objectives, projects tend to fade away, just as relationships. I’ve learned it well. And I’ve promised myself not to make the same mistakes again. So I’m breaking camp and loading my rucksack. See you on the trail!


Winter retreat

Autumn is trotting in quickly. Days are getting shorter and nights are growing longer. Nature is dying. Winter, the time for rest and renewal, is coming. But do not despair, because there are no endings nor beginnings and Spring will come again. Are you ready to hibernate?


Verschwendete Zeit

Everyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I have a loathe/hate relationship with social media.
So, it is no surprising that Facebook is not something I really like. Social media in general, and Facebook in particular, can be very harmful if used in the wrong way. They are time consuming. They create the illusion that you are doing worthy things, when in fact you are flushing your time down the drain. Time that, of course, will never return. You think you have a lot of friends but they are fake. As artificial as the hot-from-the-microwave precooked lasagna you are about to eat. Technology can be alienating, it is the thorn of the rose, but if we use it for good, it is good.
Good intentions. But you already know what happens when you mix coffe break with YouTube. So tell me please, what things make you lose track of time on the internet?


Summer died

That cocky I’ve-been-through-it-all attitude shown by many people in their mid-to-late thirties is something I honestly detest. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Yes, you were. And you have been doing it the wrong way. So give me a break, please.


A smiling child

Writing about music is not in my agenda as there are people who do it a million times better. I'll make an exception with this post: the other day I was cleaning the shelves and found a dusty CDr with a badly written name on it, which was Holocaust - Primal. I didn’t even recall that Holocaust was that NWOBHM band from Scotland—The Nightcomers anyone?—. Later, I read that after all these years they never called it quits. I didn’t even know that this was their last album to date. Obviously, I’ve never heard it and it was about time as Primal was released ten years ago!

This piece of music is riddled with sombre lyrics, restraining aggression and a constant feeling of despair. But the picture isn’t all black: a few hints of hope are scattered throughout. Just like life. It’s not the perfect album, but somehow it is. I’m not sure whether it’s extraordinary or average. Maybe next week I’ll forget it completely. Maybe not. What I am sure is that the album in general, and the last song in particular touched me in a very special way:

Now the sunshine of youth is gone
Possibilities become so few…
What do you see in the eyes of a child?

Uncorrupted wonder.

Sad surrender to mature consensus,
Determined to forget past inspirations,
Find a photograph from days gone by,
A smiling child… it's you…
Uncorrupted Joy.

Will you ever see beyond the shadows again?

Words enough.